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Flood adjusting

Flood Adjusting and NFIP Flood Certification

So, you want to adjust floods!

The Florida All-lines 6-20 license allows adjusters to legally adjust any type of property loss. This includes residential and commercial buildings, auto, and marine claims. The license does not differentiate between the peril that caused the loss. Perils include causes, such as wind, theft, and water loss.

Flooding is a peril. Adjusters with the All-lines (6-20) license can adjust flood losses; however, flood insurance is a separate policy from the common homeowner policy. Flood policies are all written and administered by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and FEMA requires adjusters to have a special certification to adjust flood losses.

If you want to adjust floods as an Independent Adjuster, it's highly recommended that you get the NFIP Certification and obtain a Flood Control Number (FCN). This will help maximize your opportunities to adjust claims.

Use the FEMA/NFIP resources shown below to guide you towards adjusting floods.

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