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Adjuster Tools and the Digital World

Course Description: Having the right tools is important to any profession. Moreover, having the right tools and knowing how to use them is critical to being a successful adjuster. This course will cover information on the traditional and electronic tools that today's field adjuster needs. You'll be given a checklist of items that you should have in your trunk as part of the job and will learn what the choices are for each item. Furthermore, to help you operate in an increasingly technical world, items such as PCs, smartphones, scanners, GPSs, and more will be explained in detail. In addition, the course will cover the importance of backing up your data and the backup options currently available. You will also learn about digital photography, including tips on taking better photos while property adjusting, and how to process those photos with the preparation of the claim file in mind. Finally, part of this course includes a large number of up-to-date links to reference information about the many items discussed.

Course Topics:

- Protecting your feet
- Clothes and accessories
- The portable office
- Traditional, but critical tools
- PC requirements and accessories
- Digital cameras
- Smartphones
- All about GPSs
- Portable scanners and digital recorders
- Data backups
- Digital photography basics
- Camera settings
- Storing and transferring digital photos
- Compressing Photos

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Course Length: 1 hour

Audience: New and intermediate level adjusters

Price: $14.99

CE Approved: N

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